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Updated 1/13/2022

Information about Mechser Camera Service's business


The maintenance queue has finally been brought under control and work can be resumed as normal. Please send service inquiries primarily using the Repair inquiry form. In urgent cases, you should call 0442398962




Interim information on the maintenance situation. The work queue is almost cleared and the repair inquiry will be opened in early January. Now Mechser Camera Service will be on christmas vacation and store is closed between 23.12.2021-03.01.2022. Contacts received during this time will be answered after the vacation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!



The work queue has continued to grow since the summer, and despite the attempt, I have not been able to rectify the situation. The length of the work queue at the time of writing is about 3 months, which is a much longer delivery time than what I want to strive for. Long delivery times weaken customer satisfaction with both new customers and customers who have been waiting in the queue for a long time. To rectify the situation, I have to momentarily turn off the Repair Inquery and refuse new maintenance, focusing on keeping the work queue in moderate condition. Mechser Camera Service is a one-man company and the work itself is a precision craft. Unfortunately, I am not able to relieve congestion other than closing the reception of work orders momentarily. I am sorry for the inconvenience to my customers and I will try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.



General information

In case your device needs care please fill the Repair inquiry. Kennonpuhdistuksissa ja muissa nopeissa asioissa tavoittaa meidät parhaiten puhelimitse numerosta 044 239 8962. Lue lisää tarjoamistamme palveluista.

We strive for a maximum return period of two weeks for maintenance work (excluding any delays in obtaining spare parts). As a result, we strive to keep the work queue moderate and may from time to time have to disable the Repair inquiry if the maintenance work queue threatens to stretch too long. In doing so, we aim to ensure the success of the above-mentioned return time goal.

The payment methods used in our store are primarily invoicing by e-mail and secondarily cash. We are unable to accept payment cards at this time.

Mechser camera service does not have fixed opening hours so the store is open by appointment. If you are going to visit our store, please arrange an appointment in advance.

We are cautious about the Covid-19 pandemic and closely follow the authority's information and prompts regarding the situation. We will notify our customers as soon as possible if we have to change our operating methods, such as closing our stores from customers. So far, however, there is no need for such. We ask customers to wear face masks when visiting with our store.


Mechser Camera service

Kamerahuolto Mechser

Running my own camera service has been a dream for me for pretty much the entire 10 year camera technician career.
There was a real opportunity for entrepreneurship as the retiring Camera Service Mustonen offered me the opportunity to buy their business and thus continue to provide camera maintenance services in Finland. This is where the Camera Service Mechser started in January 2020. However, having a full-time entrepreneur would have been too much of a risk for a family man so my company Camera Service Mechser, at least initially, works part-time alongside my day job. Let's see what the new camera maintenance has to do with the current decade.

Mechser Camera Services premises are located in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki. The shop is only open by appointment, so you should contact me in advance by sending Repair inquiry.

Jaakko Järvinen / Entrepreneur

Precision, professionalism and the correct tools.



Maintenance of analogue equipment

The performance and reliability of film cameras are guaranteed only by expert service.


Maintenance of digital equipment

We do digital camera maintenance where maintenance does not require any adjustment programs or tools from the manufacturers.


sensor cleaning

For all common SLR cameras. Cleaning of digital compact cameras on occasion.


condition Inspections

Did you buy an old and used camera which true condition you want to find out?


Statements to insurance companies

At your request, we will provide a statement to your insurance company as part of the cost estimate


6 months warranty service

Unless otherwise agreed 6 months warranty on work and spare parts used. Sensor cleaning is not covered by the warranty.



estimation of cost

We will charge you a cost estimation fee if the unit is returned unrepaired. The cost estimation fee will not be added to the cost of an approved maintenance order. We will only provide a final cost estimation after we have examined the device.

35€ / PCS
Condition Inspection

Includes condition inspection of one body and one lens or other peripheral. Accessories + 15 € / pc. If a fault is found in the device to be inspected, the customer is offered the opportunity to have a Cost Estimate on a case-by-case basis.

35€ / PCS
hourly rates

Hinnoittelemme huollot käytetyn ajan perusteella. Mahdollisten varaosien hinta lisätään työveloitukseen. Minimiveloitus 35€

75€ / hour
Sensor Cleaning

Digital SLR sensor cleaning regardless of sensor size. Sensor cleaning for digital compact cameras and digital backs are priced as normal maintenance work. Sensor cleanings are not covered by the normal labor warranty.

35€ / PCS
Spare parts

Spare parts are priced per piece along with maintenance.

We do not sell spare parts to consumers separately.

All prices include vat 24 %

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice

Camera Service Mechser

Could you help?

Being manufactured several decades ago there’s less and less spare parts available for older cameras. For this reason we are willing to collect malfunctioning cameras and optics as spare parts to enable maintenance of older cameras also in the future.

We accept donations of faulty or otherwise malfunctioning equipment. We pay for valuable or larger stocks on a case-by-case basis. If you have faulty equipment in your wardrobe and want to ensure the continuity of photographic culture please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Mechser Camera service

Business ID: 3109214-7

opening hours

Shop open by agreement.


Tilkankatu 7, 00300, Helsinki

120m from the Kytösuontie tram stop

400m from Mannerheimintie, Ruskeasuo bus stop

Free parking on the street (2h)

Repair inquiry

Unfortunately we are unable to provide maintenance services for all existing cameras and optics. There might be lack of spare parts, lack of tools or even lack of experience.

Sending a repair inquiry saves time and money. We don’t need to charge a cost estimation fee (35€) if maintenance can be noticed impossible without inspecting.

We will contact you when we have received the Repair Inquiry and evaluate whether the equipment can be repaired. We'll usually respond within the next two business days. If your equipment is noticed possible to repair you will get further instructions to deliver you equipment.

Please notice that we can provide the final cost estimation only after inspecting the device. With the final cost estimation you will receive an estimated schedule for the maintenance.

For the time being, Mechser Camera Service does not accept orders from abroad.

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